Economic Development

Economic Development Program

This program aims at investing the available local natural and human resources to contribute in strengthening the local economy of the marginalized rural areas. It also aims at increasing the participation of youth and women in the economic life through promoting their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities as well as providing them with the technical and financial support to create their own job opportunities in the Palestinian labor market.

The Palestinian economy is considerably dependent on the consequences of the severe limitations placed by Israeli occupation and its enormous power over Palestinian livelihoods. Israeli control on resources and the restrictions related to the access to land, mainly due to the barrier, checkpoints and roadblocks make it hard for Palestinians to move and access their lands. This means that Palestinians are living far away from their agricultural lands and have no in direct control over it.  As a result, poverty and unemployment rate in Palestine were doubled and especially among Palestinian women and youth and their living conditions have deteriorated.

To this end, Juhoud’s purpose through this program is to contribute in inverting rural exodus and improve the living conditions and livelihood opportunities of rural women and youth through 3 interlinked approaches 1) Entrepreneurship program, 2) provision of agricultural products and land reclamation 3) building women and youth skills and capacities and provide them with job guidance

Through the Entrepreneurship program, Juhoud aims at providing Palestinian women and youth in the rural marginalized areas the chance to create their own small businesses and develop economic activities. This is in addition to provide women and youth with the technical capacities and skills of the target groups on how to manage their source of income through capacity building workshops, professional trainings, exchange of information and good practices. Deep project is a successful example of creating small scale business in Salfet in which 13 families were provided with sheep, 2 families with super market supplies, 1 family with women Salon supplies, 2 family with birds, and 1 family with chickens.

Juhoud also provide women and youth with the agricultural activities such as cultivating agriculture farms including animals and plants as well as prepare and reclaim their agricultural lands including land cleaning, fencing building retaining walls, installing irrigation system, and planting seeds or seedlings. Juhoud also offers consultation to women and youth on how to manage their farmland and market their products.  One of the last successful Juhoud’s projects was “Women livelihood Support” implemented between June and December 2014 in Jenin and Ramallah areas, which was funded by Polish Aid in cooperation with the Pontifical Mission of Jerusalem.

In addition, Juhoud empowers and equip women and youth with employability skills to help youth and women in gaining the know-how, the practical work experience, and skills that will allow them to succeed in the modern Palestinian labor market. Bsides, Juhoud link and network the target groups with diffrent orgnizations to provide them with internship opportinities. Through Ca.Bu.Re.Ra and Train to Gain projects, youth and women were provided with employability skills and intersnhip opportunities both locally and intrenationally to become more employable and/or start their own enterprises, including social businesses.

Furthermore Juhoud established the Palestinian Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Habla – Qalqilya to support and build the capacities of women and youth to create their own job opportunities in the Palestinian labor market.

2013-2015 projects:

  1.  Deep Project…….UNDP Fund
  2. CaBuReRa………..ENPI/EU Fund
  3. Empowering Women Livelihood support 2014…..Polish Aid Fund
  4. Daedalus…………..ENPI/EU Fund
  5. Train to Gain………International Youth Foundation “IYF”
  6. villages project……ENPI/EU Fund
  7. women livelihood support……… DanChurch Aid 
  8. women livelihood support ………DanChurch Aid 
  9. Entrepreneurship Support Project…..Pontifical Mission 

2003-2013 projects :

1. Women livelihood support project I

2. Women’s Livelihood Support in Rural Communities II

3. Land Reclamation and Construction of Small Scale Farms

4. Emergency Project Aimed at Job Creation and Income-Generation

5. Strengthening networking and coordination among grassroots women’s organizations

6. Enhancing Socio-Economic Conditions of Deprived Youth and Women in Palestine

7. Land Reclamation and Construction of Small Scale Farms (I)

8. Young Entrepreneurs Business Pre-Incubation Towered Self Employment

9. Land Reclamation and Construction of Small Scale Farms (II)

10. Create Job Opportunities 

11. Women livelihood Support Project

12. Village




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